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Thursday, October 4, 2012

2nd DIY Hardcore/Punk Festival @ Matsaggou Squat

2nd DIY Hardcore/Punk Festival @ Matsaggou Squat, Volos

2nd DIY hardcore / punk festival
26th & 27th October 2012

-Friday 26th October:
Mass Culture (post-metal, Tripoli / Sparti)
Eternal Hated (dark hardcore, Volos)
Narcan (crust, Athens)
10 to Go (punk rock, Larissa)
Another One Falls (skate punk, Athens)

-Saturday 27th October:
Πανδημία (post-punk, Athens)
Gutter (hardcore / punk, Athens)
My Turn (hardcore / punk, Athens)
Unfit Earth (crust, Volos)
Cut Off (powerviolence, Athens)
Dead City Motion (crust / hardcore, Athens)

a) Igniting The Revolution (ELF)
b) Behind The Mask (ALF)

+ vegan kitchen
++ distros
+++ workshops

Ματσάγγου Squat // Riot Squat
(Σωκράτους & Παύλου Μελά, Βόλος)

Έναρξη Προβολών: 18:00 (Είσοδος από Π.Μελά)
Έναρξη Συναυλιών: 21:00 (Είσοδος από Στοά)

Ο χώρος θα είναι ανοιχτός και η vegan κουζίνα
θα λειτουργεί από 15:00 κάθε μέρα.

Είσοδος ελέυθερη -
Οικονομική ενίσχυση απαραίτητη για την ενίσχυση ανάλογων εγχειρημάτων.


I decided to upload the EP's lyrics here (plus some of the artwork that would have been on the album - if we had enough money to release it) for absolutely no reason at all. Artwork made by the one and only Ioanna Kalamari (

Sleeping Electric Sheep

Stuffed in
a soiled dome
the wheel

Pointless pleas
to fill the hole
the wheel

What has been felt
Will now unfold
The power hunger
Of your God

(The man is down)
(Digging a hole)
(Pouring his soul)
(Rise of the void)

The Difference Between

Pt.1 - Nerine

The ocean lays
upon me 
its eyes
are fading gray

Pt.2 - Wall Against The Sun

These walls of me
They set me free
My bones they lay 
Behind this veil
Hide the sun
To free my soul
My path unknown 
Is sinking low

Past, It Saw

Wrath for those who cry
Cry for those who hope
Hope is not to try
Try, to feel the wrath
Collapse to no avail
(The feeble scars)
Torment of wrath
(Of circumstance)
Beyond this time
(Seeking my eyes)
A faith of mind
(Burning aloud)

Double Retro

Sever your ties
Devoid of your eyes
Stripped off the role
Echo the whole

Link for downloading "Amoralism" EP


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